Worship Through the Ages

Worship Through the Ages

Through the Ages┬áprovides a practical, historical and philosophical study of how the churches resurgent movements–often known as “awakenings”–have influenced evangelical worship around the globe.

The awakenings, which Elmer Towns and Vernon Whaley describe as unifying, unbroken, and consistently related events, reveal a consistency development of worship practices through the ages. With each move of God, they argue, came a change in the way people worshiped, new paradigms were created, debated, accepted and passed on–but always in broad agreement with the ideas and practices of the past.

The story’s narrative is super-charged by drawing on the stories of dynamic leaders, called preachers, and charismatic personalities which often prompted the movements and led them forward. Rightly, Towns and Whaley emphasize the development of worship from the early church to the Reformation, the Great Awakenings to the modern-day evangelistic and missions movements, but they do so with an eye to continuity so that we can understand better our rich heritage in the context of the church’s ongoing mission.


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January 12, 2014