Jesus: The Most Influential Life Ever Lived

Jesus: The Most Influential Life Ever Lived

On a quiet night, a baby boy is born in a stable—without much dignity, without any fanfare. But soon his parents begin to receive unexpected visitors. Shepherds who say an angel told them to visit this child . . . men from far away who received word that a special child had been born.

The parents look with a strange wonder at the child they hold in their arms. Could this really be the one? Could this be the promised one that will save the world?
Travel back to the days of Christ—and relive his life as if you were standing beside him.

Masterfully told by Gold Medallion Award-winning author Elmer L. Towns, Jesus is an engrossing, intriguing account of the most influential life ever lived.  The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus are painted against a vibrant backdrop of rich details and accurate settings.

You will even experience the emotional impact of the times and events . . . feelings unknown or unsensed by most modern Bible readers!


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January 11, 2014